Thursday, June 20, 2024

Coach's Prayer

Coach's Prayer

Oh Lord, make me a better coach.

Help me to understand my players, to listen patiently to what they have to say, and to answer all their questions with kindness.

Keep me from embarrassing my players, talking down to them, and contradicting them.  Make me courteous to them as I would have them be to me.  May I not purposely or unintentionally hurt the feelings of my players.  Forbid that I should laugh at their mistakes, or resort to shame and ridicule as punishment.

Guide me that I may demonstrate by all I say and do that honesty, attitude and fairness produces good sportsmanship, happiness and success, on the field and in life.

Lord, help me to praise the efforts of my players, my opponents, my fellow coaches, and game officials, rather than condemn them.

Blind me to the errors of my players and help me to see the effort involved in what they do.  Allow me to always be ready with an honest word of praise.

Help me to treat my players as children and let me not expect of them the judgments and convictions of adults.  Allow me not to rob them of the opportunity to think, to choose, and to make their own decisions.

Forbid that I should ever punish them for my own selfish expectations of victory.  Make me so fair and just, so considerate and companionable to my players that they will have a genuine esteem for me.


Allow me to be a worthy example, proud to have my actions imitated by my players.  Give me calm, poise, and self-control I need to earn and keep the respect and admiration of my players, their parents and my peers.

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